The update problem

Updates for open source software have always been a rough patch of the whole user experience. Product forums are flooded¬†with people complaining about their hardware not being supported with a new update, or in case of software services like word documents, the software being unreliable, unstable and sometimes not working at all. This is not … Continue reading The update problem

Android Compiler

The compiler is a very important part of the software development process. Its contribution cannot be over looked. Its what makes it all work. In a world with no compilers, we would have to write code directly in machine code, i.e 1's and 0's just like the geeks did in the 60's and 70's. The … Continue reading Android Compiler

Product Matching at Atheon

In any organisation, master data management consists of standards and tools that record and manage their critical data to provide them with a single point of reference [1]. The organisation in Atheon's term is a grocery retail supplier like Johnson and Johnson or Nestle, and the critical data for these suppliers would be the information on their products.